Clinical Education

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Clinical Education is designed to provide the opportunity for the student to apply the knowledge he/she has acquired in a specifically related area of the academic program in the clinical setting, and to increase his/her level of expertise in examination, evaluation and intervention of patients.

Student Testimonials

“I have wanted to be a physical therapist for as long as I could remember. Naturally, I needed experience in the field to be able to succeed and provide myself more opportunity in the field. Being from Stroudsburg, PA, I turned my attention to Maximum Solutions Physical Therapy to volunteer and obtain observation hours. I met with the owner, Dora Godnig, about potentially spending time at her facility, and she was immediately welcoming and open to providing me the opportunity. When volunteering at Maximum Solutions, I learned quickly that I was observing some of the most qualified therapists in the country. After observing at a few other locations, I knew that the care offered by the employees of Maximum Solutions was unlike any other. The therapists were in constant communication about any changes in a patient’s status, while being nothing but warm and endearing to the patients themselves. While I was only volunteering, everyone at the outpatient location treated me as if I were an important part of the team. Dora, Asa, and Jill all took time out of their regimen to teach me concepts of specific therapies and particular things that would be important to keep in mind as I progressed in the profession. What set the therapists apart from any others, however, was their openness to the patients. When watching the therapists, they always explained to patients exactly what they were doing and what effects they hoped to obtain. They informed patients about how each maneuver could benefit their recovery process, and constantly attended to any of the patients’ concerns. At the same time, they allowed the patients to speak freely and remain open with them. The patients were constantly pleased when speaking with the therapists, always keeping a joyful atmosphere. This individual attention made sure each patient was taken care of to the fullest, even if there were multiple patients in the room. It was clear that patients were appreciative of the communication, and I rarely saw a patient leave without a smile and expression of sincere gratitude. At the same time, the care provided during this was excellent. Each therapist worked hard to ensure they were utilizing the best therapy techniques, while keeping extremely detailed notes to make sure nothing was overlooked. At the front desk, Michelle and April were always warm and relaying communication between patients and therapists. On multiple instances, they allowed patients to come into therapy far over their time limit, allowing patients to fit their personal schedules before the businesses. After observing here for a few months, I would be honored to return and observe more of their therapy. The quality of therapy offered to a wide range of patients at Maximum Solutions is the best I have ever seen, and I am lucky to have been able to see their work first-hand. I highly recommend Maximum Solutions to absolutely anyone in need of therapy because they are extremely attentive to the needs of patients and will provide the best quality of care in the business. From the initial encounters at the front desk to the final therapy session, I can guarantee the therapy process provided by Maximum Solutions is the finest in the profession.” —Dominic V.



Dora, Asa, and Jill,
“As a physical therapy student, I have had numerous experiences in larger organizations where therapists were seeing up to four patients an hour and there was pressure to hit productivity standards versus supplying high quality care. This is not the case at Maximum Solutions. At Maximum Solutions, the therapists are driven to supply all patient’s with their undivided attention and provide the utmost quality care. The atmosphere is one of caring and sincerity. The staff and therapists’ attention to detail helps ensure positive outcomes in a stress-free environment. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to work with the ladies at Maximum Solutions and would recommend their services to everyone.” Kaitlyn W. 

Dora, April, Gretchen, & Asa,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything and for having me.  I appreciate all of your patience and time and could not have asked for a better first clinical.  I feel like I learned so much and wanted to thank all of you for making it such a good experience.  I will miss you all very much!  —Love, Christine

Hi Dora!
I am extremely thankful to have been lucky enough to of had the privilege of having you as a mentor. I will always feel grateful for that. After witnessing the treatment you provide for your patients and the talent you possess for over a year, I can honestly say that I couldn’t have found a better role model to introduce me to the career. Your guidance has been irreplaceable and I can only aspire to be a PT as professional, caring, and knowledgable as you are.
I will most definitely keep in touch. Likewise, I hope you do the same! Sincerest thanks, Kasey

My introduction to the Maximum Solutions family came about during a volunteer experience in the summer of 2006. To complete my undergraduate coursework, I shadowed Cara at the Belvidere officefor several hours a week. Instead of sticking me in a corner and going about her day, Cara went out of her way to include me in her exams and treatments. I credit her with my first glimpse of physical therapy through a professional’s eye. As I progressed through the doctorate program and began tonear graduation, I was privileged enough to secure a sixteen week rotation at the East Stroudsburg location. Working alongside Dora and Cara for four months was designed to both hone my clinical skills and advance my proficiency in the interpersonal, cultural, and business aspects of clinical practice.While I thoroughly enjoyed my time with both therapists, I didn’t truly appreciate the depth of their collective knowledge until graduating and entering the field. Having been in practice for a little over two years at a large outpatient clinic in Maryland, I can honestly say that Dora and Cara rank among the top PT’s I’ve interacted with. They were committed to treating the entire patient instead of an isolated extremity or body part. The resulting combination of compassion, clinical excellence, and skilled intervention techniques yielded the best possible outcomes for everyone who came through the door. As a prospective therapist, the staff at Maximum Solutions had an incredibly positive impact on my future. For any prospective patients, I guarantee the same result!Brent